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Become a Member of the Keeshond Club of Canada!

To apply, please complete the Membership Application, and print and sign the Code of Ethics. Have two people, with at least one who is a member of the KCC, complete the Sponsorship forms and send all information with your payment to our Membership Chair, Tonya Schmolke ( for forms).


Each member receives a bi-monthly newsletter with updates, articles and ads by Keeshond breeders, owners, and fanciers around the country and around the world. 



Membership Application (English)

Membership Application (French)

Renewal Application (English)

Renewal Application (French)

Sponsorship Letter 

Code of Ethics (English)

Code of Ethics (French)

For current members, please do not forget to complete and send in your renewal form and payment to the Membership Coordinator by December 15th of each year.

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